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.NET Server Development Toolkits

Advosol offers toolkits and components for the development of OPC servers for all OPC specifications. The application specific server part can be developed as a .Net assembly using C# or Visual Basic .Net. The OPC Client interface is handled in the generic server.
The same customization .NET plug-in assembly can be used with the different toolkits for Classic OPC (DCOM) and the newer Web Services based OPC specifications. Simplifying the migration from Classic OPC (DCOM communication) to the newer OPC specifications is an important Advosol product design goal.
The Advosol toolkit servers support 32-bit and 64-bit operation with the same application specific plug-in DLL..

Support of multiple OPC specifications can be achieved with converter servers and Advosol offers a comprehensive set of OPC Converter Servers.
However, having the specific server for the customer requested or preferred OPC specification simplifies the usage, configuration and maintenance and offers best performance.

OPC DA .NET Server Toolkit
The DANSrv OPC DA V2/V3 compliant Server Toolkit has a generic part that handles the DCOM client communication and a plug-in DLL (NET assembly) with the application specific features. The toolkit is easy to use, has high performance and can handle hundred thousands of items.
Used in combination with the uaPLUS UA Server Toolkit the server can be accessed form Classic OPC DA and OPC UA clients.

OPC AE .NET Server Toolkit Option
The Alarms&Events .NET OPC Server Toolkit is extends the DANSrv OPC DA server toolkit with OPC AE 1.1 functionality.

OPC HDA .NET Server Toolkit
OPC Historian .NET Server Toolkit. Provides well-structured code of compliance tested sample servers. OPC HDA servers can be implemented in C# or VB.Net.

OPC UA Server Toolkit
The uaPLUS OPC UA Server Toolkit bases on the OPC Foundation OPC UA communication stack and uses the same customization plug-in .NET assembly as the Advosol OPC DA/AE/HDA and XML DA server toolkits.
The uaPLUS UA server can run stand-alone as a visible/hidden Windows application or embedded in an application specific .NET application.

XML-DA .NET Server Toolkit
The XML-DA .NET Server Toolkit (XDASrv) is a .Net web service with an XML-DA V1.01 compliant generic server and the same plug-in DLL (.Net assembly) as the DANSrv OPC DA .NET Server Toolkit.