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NETx Voyager 5.0

NETx Voyager 5.0

The visualization software NETx Voyager 5.0 is used to control and visualize smart homes and buildings. Being part of the technical building manage- ment, the NETx Voyager 5.0 acts as a client of an OPC server (OPC version). Alternatively, the NETx Voyager 5.0 can directly communicate with a KNX installation (Direct(KNX) version). The building automation system is represented through a comfortable graphical user interface which provides a multitude of different management functions dedicated to the use within the building management. The field of application ranges from residential buildings and homes up to large hotel and office buildings, hospitals, commercial buildings, and airports. A complex and widespread installation can be controlled and maintained from a central point in a reliable and comfortable way.

Usability and scalability are of utmost importance for NETx Voyager 5.0. Thanks to the used concepts and the powerful engine, professional visualizations for large-scale projects can be created in a fast and easy way. The user is able to freely choose the level of detail and the appearance at the display – NETx Voyager 5.0 provides a multitude of possibilities. Background images, user-defined buttons, figures, multi-state controls, and any web based content (e.g. web cams) can be included. The integrated mechanisms of NETx Voyager 5.0 provide a broad range of possible applications like the integration of multimedia devices and hotel management systems. Traditional visualization concepts have been enhanced with new functionality. It is possible to include web based services and animated figures. Additional modules like the integrated scene manager, the trending module, the embedded calendar, the flexible processor, the historical data chart, or the alarm management module offer new opportunities for professional visualizations.


Product features:

  • Versatile: Datapoints can be integrated within the visualization independent from the underlying automation system. Using this approach, datapoints originating from different technologies (e.g. KNX, BACnet, Modbus, … ) can be represented and controlled within a single visualization.
  • Reliability: The NETx Voyager 5.0 can be combined with a NETx main/backup server solution. If the main server fails, the visualization is able to switch to the backup server immediately without being noticed by the end user.
  • Advanced control elements: In addition to standard graphical elements like buttons, sliders, and images, enhanced and professional control elements are available (e.g. graph, multi internet, RGB control, …).
  • Trending module: In combination with the NETx BMS Server, the NETx Voyager 5.0 is able to monitor and visualize value changes of any datapoint. Activating or deactivating the trending of a datapoint can be done directly in the visualization by the end user – even during runtime.
  • Historical data and smart metering: Using the database of the NETx BMS Server, historical values of monitored datapoints can be shown. The metering chart is able to visualize the current and historical consumption values of smart meters in an easy and user-friendly way.
  • Calendar: The embedded calendar module enables the definition and management of time-based events. In combination with the NETx BMS Server, these events can be stored in the server. The integrator as well as the end user are able to maintain these events — even at runtime.
  • Alarm management: The integrated alarm module provides the opportunity to define and maintain user-specific alarms. The end user is able to confirm, acknowledge, or suppress an alarm. All changes of alarm states are logged accordingly.
  • Scene manager: With the help of the integrated scene manager, scenes can be configured and maintained directly within the visualization. Saving and replaying of defined scenes can not only be done by the designer but also by the end customer.