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Designated Representative: Paul Furtak
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NETxAutomation Software GmbH is one of the leading providers of innovative software for building automation. We develop and distribute software for building management and central building control. Our product range consists of reliable server systems, shading control systems, visualizations, energy reporting systems and hardware components. All products are based on open standards like OPC, KNX, BACnet, Modbus or SNMP. In more than 40 countries worldwide, system integrators and electrical engineers use the Software from NETxAutomation in their building automation projects.



Business activities:


  • Building Management System (BMS) solutions: We provide software solutions for building management systems. These solutions consist of one or more servers (OPC server, BMS server) which collect datapoints from building automation systems. By accessing this data, one or more client applications are able to perform management functions (visualization, trending, archiving, …).

  • BMS Server solutions: The core component is the NETx BMS Server. As an OPC server, it acts as a multi-protocol gateway. The main target of this server is integration. In addition to KNX, BACnet and Modbus, many different additional interfaces (e.g. Micros/Fidelio) are available. Furthermore, project-specific interfaces can be provided too.

  • Visualization: We offer two different kinds of visualizations. Using the integrated web server of the NETx BMS Server, advanced web based visualizations can be provided. These web based visualizations can be shown in any web browser. Furthermore, a special app for Android and iOS devices is available, too. In addition, a PC based visualization called NETx Voyager is provided. NETx Voyager is a high-end visualization with advanced modules dedicated to enterprise building automation projects.

  • Project-specific solutions: All our  products  are developed in a modular way. Therefore, it is possible to provide project-specific solutions that are geared towards the customer’s needs.



  • NETxAutomation Software GmbH
  • Maria Theresia Strasse 41
  • Wels, A-4600
  • Austria


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