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OPC Data Client Rapid OPC Client Development Tool

OPC Data Client Rapid OPC Client Development Tool

OPC Data Client provides you with a single development toolkit for quickly and easily creating custom OPC DA, A&E, and UA client applications in virtually any environment. It provides an extensive API for custom coding of applications as well as a codeless development option for those who require a custom application but are less familiar with programming.

This toolkit is both robust and flexible, allowing you to access OPC data with a few lines of code, while still providing a high level of customization options. The OPC Data Client is self-optimized for fast and reliable performance.

The toolkit also provides several advanced methods for accessing your data including the Live Mapping model and support for Microsoft Reactive Extensions and StreamInsight.


  • Easy to Learn
  • Robust
  • Scalable
  • Free Code Samples
  • Easy to Implement
  • Easy Deployment
  • Extensive Help
  • Multi-threaded, non-blocking design for high performance
  • Internal messaging layer provides isolation between OPC communications and the custom client code, resulting in high resiliency.
  • Automatically connects to and disconnects from OPC Servers.
  • Automatically adds, removes and maintains OPC groups and monitored items.
  • Conserves resources behind-the-scenes by automatically disposing of objects that are not being used.
  • No limits to number of connections, subscriptions, or tags.
  • Automatic server status checking, detection of connection problems and server failures, and automatic reconnects.
  • Maintains client state and reconstructs the internal state of OPC server after reconnection.
  • Supports all flavors of OPC synchronous and asynchronous reads and writes internally, subscriptions, discovery, browsing, and property access.
  • Multiple independent OPC server connections.
  • Intelligent OPC Group parameter optimization.

Product certification history

Certified Profiles UA 1.02 Generic Client
Certificate Number 1312CS0047
Certification Date 01/06/2014
Expiration Date 12/31/2016
UA 1.02 Generic Client