Software Toolbox

Designated Representative: John Weber
Category: Corporate Member

Software Toolbox provides component software tools and products to the manufacturing automation market via the internet at Founded in 1996, our mission is to bring the system integrator, OEM, and end user the largest selection of COM, DCOM, OPC, and ActiveX based products from a single point of purchase and support via the internet. We are focused on the industrial automation industry and our founding team has combined over 50 years experience in industrial automation. As a member of the OPC foundation since 1997, we see OPC as a key enabling technology for reducing total cost of ownership and enabling choice and flexibility in automation software.


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  • United States
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Company Products

TOP Server OPC & I/O ServerThe TOP Server OPC server product line offers connectivity via over...
OmniServer Universal Configurable OPC ServerOmniServer™ is a fully configurable I/O server which interpre...
OPC Data LoggerThe OPC Data Logger provides users with the ability to log process ...
OPC Data Client Rapid OPC Client Development ToolOPC Data Client provides you with a single development toolkit for ...
SLIK-DA OPC DA and UA Server ToolkitSLIK-DA (simple language independent kit) is a simple and flexible ...