• Software Toolbox, Inc - SLIK-DA OPC DA and UA Server Toolkit
SLIK-DA OPC DA and UA Server Toolkit

SLIK-DA OPC DA and UA Server Toolkit

SLIK-DA (simple language independent kit) is a simple and flexible software tool for building robust OPC Data Access servers supporting the OPC DA 2.x and 3.x standards.

SLIK-DA is an ActiveX and MS.NET Windows Form Control designed for quickly adding OPC Data Access server interfaces to your C#, VB.NET, Visual Basic, or Delphi application. You write your application to use SLIK-DA's properties, methods, and events.

SLIK-DA manages all of the OPC and COM details for you. It’s that easy!  Free trial version available!

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is the Northern Dynamic SLIK-DA product which has been Interop and Compliance Tested under the Northern Dynamic Name.  Software Toolbox acquired Northern Dynamic in 2007.

Features Summary:

  • Works with Visual Studio .NET 2003, 2005, 2008,2010,2012, VB and C#
  • Includes a custom designed .NET interoperability assembly to ensure efficient and robust .NET framework support.
  • ActiveX control implementation for VB6/VC++ users
  • All COM and OPC-DA specification details are hidden from the developer.
  • Simple programming model that remains the same for all programming languages.
  • A SLIK-DA toolkit Exclusive! – SLIK-DA provides full support for COM Call Tracing, a built-in OPC protocol analyzer solution.  Quickly diagnose OPC client / server communication problems.
  • SLIK-DA uses an optimized ActiveX control implementation designed to transfer thousands of items per second.
  • Detailed reference manuals included.
  • C#, VB.NET, and Visual Basic reference implementations (source code) included.
  • Dedicated OPC expert support.
  • Extended support and software maintenance programs available.