OPC Data Transfer

OPC Data Transfer

Member: Integration Objects

Product website: integrationobjects.com/sioth-opc/sioth-opc-clients...

Eagerly searching for a way to exchange data between your various control systems? Tired of unexpectedly losing data when communication glitches occur? Your problems are solved with Integration Objects' plug-and-play solution, the OPC Data Transfer, that allows you to easily configure, display, and monitor real-time data transfers from any OPC source server to any OPC destination server, thus providing full integration for all of your processes. This secure OPC data transfer solution provides extensive error tracking and management tools so you can identify and stop minor problems before they expand.

In order to avoid losing any data if your connection is interrupted, you may also use the OPC Data Transfer to configure OPC server redundancy which allows you to specify, for any master OPC server, more than one backup using three different redundancy modes. When the master fails, the OPC Data Transfer automatically switches to the backup server and a notification e-mail will be sent to the operator. When the master server recovers, the OPC Data Transfer automatically switches from the backup server to the master server.