OPC Server for Modbus

OPC Server for Modbus

Member: Integration Objects

Product website: integrationobjects.com/sioth-opc/sioth-opc-servers...

OPC Server for Modbus communicates with a wide range of devices supporting the Modbus TCP and Serial protocols. These devices include RTU, DCS, PLC, etc. Indeed, the server connects to multiple devices using Modbus TCP and Serial protocols with a few clicks. This OPC Modbus server supports standard OPC Data Access specifications

The Modbus OPC Server provides an intuitive user interface to configure reliable Modbus connections and OPC tags. Then, OPC DA clients, such as Historians, HMI, and SCADA, can easily connect to the OPC Server and exchange real-time data with multiple devices.

Special offer: You can now get a free of charge license for OPC Server for Modbus TCP or Serial for up to 50 tags. Support fees are charged separately to benefit from this special offer.