OPC UA Server

OPC UA Server

  • Is installed as additional service on the M1 controller without additional hardware
  • Configuration via Bachmann SolutionCenter
  • Quality is granted by participation at Interop workshops and conformance tests
  • Data Access
    • Displays the process values of the controller in its address space without additional configuration steps
    • Accessability of variables can be limited via configuration
    • Address space may be organized independent of controller’s software structure
    • Considers user-specific access permissions on variables at reading and writing
    • Write access can be logged
  • Alarms & Conditions
    • Automatic monitoring of values
    • Discrete Alarms with OnDelay, OffDelay
    • Level alarms with SubStates (High, HighHigh, …), OnDelay, OffDelay and Deadband
    • Extensive additional API for full flexibility and operation from user programs in PLC and C/C++
  • File Transfer
    • Access to all local storage media of the controller
    • Upload and download files between controller and client (e. g. SCADA)
    • Allows Delete, Rename, Move and Copy  of files
    • Allows Creating, Moving and Deleting files
    • Discrete Alarms with OnDelay, OffDelay
    • User specific rights on file system are valid also for OPC UA access

Product details

Category: SDK Subcategory: Automation controller

Supported Profiles and Facets

Application Profiles:

  • UACore 1.04
    • Standard 2017 UA Server Profile

Additional Facets:

  • UACore 1.04
    • A & C Acknowledgeable Alarm Server Facet
    • A & C Alarm Server Facet
    • A & C Base Condition Server Facet
    • Base Historical Event Server Facet

Security Policies:

  • UACore 1.04
    • SecurityPolicy – Basic128Rsa15
    • SecurityPolicy – Basic256

User Tokens:

  • UACore 1.04
    • User Token – Anonymous Facet
    • User Token – X509 Certificate Server Facet

Supported Conformance Units

  • UACore 1.04
    • A & C Alarm