Bachmann electronic GmbH

Designated Representative: Helmut Ritter
Category: Corporate Member

Automation, Grid Measurement and Protection, Visualization and Condition Monitoring for plants and machines: this is the Bachmann world, our core competence, and our future. Headquartered in Feldkirch, Austria, we are an international and rapidly expanding organization with over 500 employees worldwide. We have been developing unique automation and system solutions for customers around the globe for more than 50 years.


  • Bachmann electronic GmbH
  • Kreuzaeckerweg 33
  • Feldkirch, A-6800
  • Austria
  • Bachmann Visutec GmbH
  • Kasernenstraße 29
  • Eisenstadt, 7000
  • Austria
  • Bachmann electronic GmbH
  • Kreuzäckerweg 33
  • Feldkirch, A-6800
  • Austria
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Company Products

Title Description
atvise (HMI & SCADA) The product line atvise from Bachmann Visutec offers profes...
OPC Enterprise Server OPC Classic Server for installation on a Windows PC Specifi...
OPC UA Client Installation as software service on standard controller CPU...
OPC UA Server Is installed as additional service on the M1 controller wit...