PLCnext Controller AXC F 2152

PLCnext Controller AXC F 2152

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The PLCnext AXC F 2152 controller for the Axioline I/O system is fast, robust and easy to use. It has been consistently designed for maximum performance, easy handling and use in harsh industrial environments.



  • PROFINET support
  • Connection to PROFICLOUD
  • Numerous protocols supported such as: http, https, FTP, SNTP, SNMP, SMTP, SQL, MySQL, DCP, etc.
  • Up to 63 AXIO I/O modules can be mounted side by side
  • Increased resistance to EMI and extended temperature range of -25°C ... +60°C
  • Linux operating system to support high-level languages
  • IEC 61131-programming by PLCnext ENGINEER
  • UA Server  with DA, AC, HA

Embedded 2017 UA Server Profile

Method Server Facet

SecurityPolicy - Basic128Rsa15,
SecurityPolicy - Basic256,
SecurityPolicy - Basic256Sha256,
SecurityPolicy - Aes128_Sha256_RsaOaep,
SecurityPolicy - Aes256_Sha256_RsaPss

User Token - User Name Password Facet

Embedded 2017 UA Server Profile




AXC F 2152