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Turning Design into Code

The UaModeler is a specialized tool which not only simplifies the modeling of information itself, this tool generates the source code required to implement the designed model. The generated code exactly fits into the respective SDK of Unified Automation.

The UaModeler provides graphical design of address space, adding nodes and references and finally generates code by pressing a button. Thus it not only speeds up the implementation, it also increases the software quality by producing well structured, error-free code. As implementation is reduced to “modeling and generating” even complex models can be “implemented” very quickly. This tool gives all the SDKs from Unified Automation the lead ahead on the OPC UA toolkit market.

The UaModeler shows hierarchical and graphical representations of the designed model. The graphical representation follows the OPC UA notation and syntax.

The UaModeler generates code for the following SDKs of Unified Automation:

One license for UaModeler is included when purchasing one of these SDKs.

The UaModeler comes with three standard models and can be enhanced by your own models. These models can be edited, modified, and saved in an XML format. After selecting the target language for your model the related code can be generated.

Supported Operating Systems: Windows, Linux.