Unified Architecture Core - UA


Responsible for defining, maintaining and improving the core OPC UA specifications. Additionally, base architecture enhancements are evaluated for extensibility into other companion specifications (e.g. information modeling; adding native OPC UA data types). The core UA working group has weekly electronic meetings and 3-4 Face2Face meetings per year. A number of expert sub-groups support the UA working group:

  • The Base Network Model sub-group defines the information model for network related components including Ethernet and TSN.
  • The MQTT sub-group dis comprised of MQTT experts driving further integration of OPC UA with MQTT via extensions to the OPC UA specifications. See details here: UA MQTT subgroup.
  • The REST sub-group, will discuss use cases for the integration of OPC UA via REST and propose potential extensions for the OPC UA specification. It is meant for IT (especially REST) experts and participants who work in Edge and Cloud computing areas to focus on discussion for these use cases. See details here: UA REST subgroup.
  • The Security sub-group assures that OPC UA security mechanisms are always up to date. It also assesses security alerts or warnings. Membership includes OPC UA stack developers to assure that any issues are handled in a timely manner.
  • The Semantic Validation sub-group strives to translate semantic rules that are currently specified in natural language into a format that can be processed programmatically (e.g. using the Web Ontology Language – OWL). This allows tooling to check semantic inconsistencies, or other rule violations
Working Group Type Internal Status:       Active
Classification(s) Core UA Topics
Chair(s) Jim Luth
Collaboration Site https://teams.microsoft.com/l/team/19%3a581oTzcYM302U6blzvF14jf1jlEhy394V-5WwgA5ArU1%40thread.tacv2/conversations?groupId=f5cb0909-dc77-4fec-a2a4-f252cdce9388&tenantId=2d8ef4e4-d41c-489c-8004-bb99304b60fe