Title: Core Components Description:

The core components contains elements that are critical for all OPC Classic applications to work. The core components should be deployed to all PCs where OPC Classic will be used.


This download includes the Core components binaries (*.DLL and *.EXE) - COM Proxy/Stub module, including OPCENUM.EXE. It also includes optional headers/libraries need to build OPC Classic applications in C++ or .NET.


License: OPC Redistributable Agreement of Use

OPC Foundation membership fees are used by the OPC Foundation for the continuous improvement of these components, which includes bug-fixes to the components and the .NET API/Stack.


Sample code/ Reference Implementations are provided to OPC Foundation Members as-is for the primary purpose of demonstration and educational purposes. OPC Foundation Members may use the OPC Foundation deliverables for their Product development. (Members are not permitted to distribute OPC Foundation Source code (see OPC Foundation license agreement).


Technical Support

Issues and questions should be reported on the OPC Foundation Community Forum.


Software Lifecycle

This software will be periodically updated to ensure it continues to run on the latest version Windows and .NET Frameworks.

When an update occurs the revision number is incremented and prior revisions should be treated as "end-of-life".

Prior revisions are available under the "Archives" tab unless there are security vulnerabilities that were reported to the OPC Foundation.

Reported security vulnerabilities can be found here.


Activities including bug-fixes and feature requests as reported in our Mantis bug-tracking system as described here.




Access: Registered User
Version Status Description Date Posted
Download Release OPC NET RCWs (ZIP/NuGet) 2022-04-27 Icon
3.00.108 Release OPC Core Components Redistributables (ZIP/MSI/MSM) 2019-12-20 Icon
Version Status Description Date Posted
2.01.108 Release OPC NET RCW (NuGet/ZIP) 2020-08-06 Icon
3.0.105 Release 2012-12-31 Icon