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OPC Day 2021 – International


Location: Webinar

Webinar / International

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Welcome to the OPC Day 2021 – International second time as a digital event.

The OPC Foundation will host the digital event from June 08-10, 2021 with 3 hours per day (2h content + 1h Q&A). Each session twice in different time zones to serve America, Europe and Asia.




  • Day 1: Keynotes Level (Target Group: Management, Product Managers & Architects)
    • “OPC UA as Enabler for the Transformation from Automation Pyramid to Information Network”
      by Stefan Hoppe, President OPC Foundation
    • Extending OPC UA to the field: OPC Field Level Communications Initiative
      by Peter Lutz, Director FLC Initiative OPC Foundation
    • Cooperation 5G-ACIA and OPC Foundation: Integration of 5G with Time-Sensitive Networking for Industrial Communication
      by Alexander Ziegler, Siemens
    • New Joint Working Group (JWG) with DIN: “Industrial Cloud Federation”
      Leveraging data-driven services in industrial environments by unleashing the potential of open, unified standards
      by Dr. Christoph Legat, Hekuma
    • Standards, IPR and the OPC Foundation “MOCA” (Multi Organization Cooperation Agreement)
      by Brad Biddle, OPC Foundation Counsel
  • Day 2: Technology Update Level (Target group: Implementers, Developers, Product Managers, Program Managers)
    • Status, News and Roadmap from the OPC UA Core Team
      by Jim Luth, CTO OPC Foundation / Schneider
    • OPC UA FX Specifications: Update and Roadmap
      by Georg Biehler, Siemens and Greg Majcher, Rockwell Automation
    • OPC UA in the Cloud – a practical guide to avoiding vendor lock.in
      by Erich Barnstedt, Microsoft
    • The OPC UA Cloud Library: Vision, Team, Use-Cases and Status
      by Jonathan Wise, CESMII
    • New: OPC UA IIoT Starter Kit – Integrating OPC UA with MQTT
      by Randy Armstrong, Lead Security Architect OPC Foundation, Chief Architect Sparhawk Software
    • OPC UA Compliance & Conformance: Status and Update
      – OPC UA CTT status including Companion Specifications
      – First Look at the new Product Catalogue
      by Alexander Allmendinger, Lead OPC Lab Europe
  • Day 3: Adaption & Solutions (Target Group: End-Users)
    • Available solutions:
      Weighing products: Mettler Toledo by Eugen Schibli
      Vision products: Asentics by Dr. Horst Heinol-Heikkinen
    • Success story (equinor): OPC UA’s role in becoming a digital energy company with data-driven operations
      by Joao Pedro Martins Pinheiro, Leader of IACS Gateway Competence Team, Equinor
    • Sucess story BASF: Production data Integration @BASF by Jan De Caigny and Timo Himmelsbach
    • Success story Renault: How to structure and capture the industrial data with scalability, by Thierry Daneau
    • Sucess story BMW:OPC UA at the BMW Group – Edge Computing and OPC UA as a success factor for future manufacturing by Dr Backhaus
    • Success story Miele by Christian Stickling
    • Companion Specification testing in the neutral LNI 4.0 testbed at RWU
      by Anja Simon, LNI and Prof. Dr. Markus Straub, University Ravensburg-Weingarten (RWU)