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2nd: World Interoperability Conference

Date: 07/13/2020

Location: Exhibition Hannover

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This event will happen on 13.07.2020 in conjunction with Hannover Messe.Concept:

The conference will run in parallel to the Hanover Fair and is intended to connect national organizations, international organizations and working groups developing industry specific OPC UA Companion Specifications.

The conference will start with keynote talks on Industrie 4.0 relevant topics round about Interoperability.

The conference is to be scheduled in such a way that it can also be attended by non-fair visitors without an overnight stay in Hannover. Afterwards the participants will have the opportunity to discuss and network with different working groups within the OPC UA CS standardization in 3 sessions. Each workgroup will present its vision and mission in each of the sessions. The sessions will take place at each group’s theme table. The working group representatives will be at their theme table, with visitors of the conference switch rotating between the theme tables after each session.

Target audience:This event is intended to show the near-term future of seamless information exchange using secured and standardization Information and interfaces. End users and development engineers should join this event to receive early insides into future work and to network with key influencers.

Participation in this event is free of Charge - attendees get a free entrance for the trade show


10:00hStart conference
Groups presenting their OPC UA Companion Spec activities


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