ARC Informatique

Designated Representative: Benoît Lepeuple
Category: Corporate Member
Founded in 1981, ARC Informatique is a privately held company with its headquarters in Paris, France. The company manufactures and markets industrial software. Originally developed for the process industries the software now also caters for infrastructure, utilities and BMS. In 2008, ARC Informatique launched the PcVue Solutions offer of software, hardware and application support as a global service to the markets of Infrastructure, OEM HMI, Building Automation, Power Generation & Distribution, Airports, Batch and Continuous Processes. Certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, the company has an international presence via direct sales offices in the USA, Europe and Asia plus a network of distributors as a sales channel. ARC Informatique has OEM agreements allow international companies to ship versions of the PcVue Solutions offer under their own brands. HMI/SCADA Software BusinessARC Informatique's HMI/SCADA software named PcVue has had several transformations since the DOS-based version was first introduced in late 1985. OS/2 and Windows 3.1 based versions of PcVue2 were introduced in 1992 and 1993. Late 1994 saw the introduction of PcVue32 for both Windows NT and 95. The latest version PcVue 10.0 is designed for Windows Seven, XP and Server 2008.


  • ARC Informatique
  • 2 avenue de la Cristallerie
  • Sevres, F-92310
  • France