Aspen Technology, Inc.

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Aspen Technology, Inc, is a leading supplier of software services for the analysis, design and automation of process manufacturing plants in industries such as chemicals, petroleum, pharmaceuticals, electric power, pulp and paper, and metals. Process manufacturers use AspenTech's solutions to improve the way they design, operate and manage their plants. These solutions enable customers to reduce their raw material, energy and capital expenses, meet environmental and safety regulations, improve product quality and shorten the time required to get new production processes on stream. AspenTech employs more than 1,300 and is headquartered in Cambridge, Mass., with offices in 21 countries worldwide. AspenTech had 1997 revenues of approximately $180 million. AspenTech software and services comprise the Plantelligence™ suite, the process industryâs only complete solution for the Smart Manufacturing System market. Smart Manufacturing describes the integration of advanced modeling, automation and information technologies to create a computer system that enables customers to design, operate and manage their manufacturing processes closer to True Potential™.


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