Agileo Automation

Designated Representative: Marc Engel
Category: Corporate Member

Software and robotics solutions for production equipments.

Agileo' services allow equipment manufacturer automating their production equipments and let them communicate with the factory IT (PLM and MES)

To reduce equipment time to market, Agileo proposes A²ECF-Industry a middleware structured as a framework. Based on Agileo’s large experience in equipment automation, A²ECF-Industry fulfills major requirements to control an automated and connected equipment. A²ECF-Industry is open to modifications and it lets equipment manufacturer customize the final equipment controller software.

Agileo is involved in OPC-UA standardization and has realized a proof of concept of interoperability between SECS/GEM SEMI standards and OPC-UA.


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A²ECF-Industry A²ECF Industry is an Industrial Automation Framework to de...