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[ X-SCADA Introduction ]

 X-SCADA is widely used for the monitoring, control, management of devices with the ultra speed communication and displays the data as various types of charts as well as storing the data at industrial field.

X-SCADA provides with the following functions 

- Ultra speed communication with a lot of devices

- Convenient GUI which overwhelms PowerPoint and covers all functions of it

- Transparency, color change, rotation, etc.(various effects and  animation)

- Various charts’ support for displaying data and easy formation

- JavaScript support and developed user protocol available   

- Perfect compatibility with Web and Mobile    

- Real time SVG images offer at www.svglink.com

IP camera or USB camera compatibilty for supvervising, recording, and even captures of site and facilites  

 - More functions

X-SCADA Line up

1)X-SCADA Solution

2)X-SCADA .Net Library

3)X-DAS(Data Aquisition Server)


5)X-EMS(Energy Management System)

6)X-MES(Manufacturing Execution System)


[ Company introduction ]

XISOM is specialized in industry/system/application Software solution and developed X-SCADA, an integration of the advanced technologies and innovative industrial automation solution for Industry 4.0 with the most stable system.

XISOM also continuously challenges and innovates the service for smart factory.

We are trying our best to be the strongest partner of customers


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