A+B Solutions GmbH

Designated Representative: Gerhard Strauss
Category: Corporate Member

A+B Solutions is a leading provider of DNC, operational data, machine data and time data management systems and production control solutions. FIT, the Factory Integrating Tool from A+B Solutions, integrates order data with development and product data to produce optimised production data. As a central communication tool between the ERP, CAX, PDM, HR, planning and analysis systems deployed within a company, FIT enables an efficient bridge between business management and technical IT.

FIT features interfaces to a wide range of applications and, as a central hub, generates an end-to-end, uniform data structure for all data related to development, orders and production. This effectively eliminates all theoretical sources of error that can occur in redundant data storage systems, e.g. the use of outdated versions and missing or unauthorized resources. The fact that all data are directly interlinked yields transparent cost structures and production processes. Weak points can thus be identified and analysed in a far more targeted manner. This seamless process chain combined with maximum transparency result in optimised production and enhanced productivity. Companies can thus guarantee on-time delivery and avoid unnecessary costs.


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  • A+B Solutions GmbH
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