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Codra is the French developer of the Panorama Suite Platform, specialized in industrial information technology : Front-end communication, SCADA and Data Historian.

Our innovation-centred expertise and technology based on over 30 years’ industrial IT experience, pave the way to making production systems increasingly intelligent and powerful. With Panorama, you have a cross-cutting, upscalable IT platform at your fingertips dedicated to control and SCADA application design for all sectors : Industry, Building Management, Water, Transportation, Energy, Defense, Oil & Gas, Nuclear, …

When it comes to systems interoperability, Codra has delved deeper, and is the first SCADA solution to be OPC-UA Client and Server-certified by the OPC Foundation.

Moreover, Codra has been awarded a certification by the French government’s cybersecurity agency for the robustness of its product and its commitment.  Therefore, Panorama is the 1st SCADA platform to be awarded the ANSSI agency’s First Level Security Certification (CSPN). This certification confirms to the level of robustness of the product.



  • Immeuble Hélios
  • 2 rue Christophe Colomb - CS 0851
  • Massy, F-91300
  • France
  • Codra Software Ltd
  • Adamson House - Towers Business Park
  • Wilmslow Road, Didsbury
  • Manchester , M20 2YY
  • United Kingdom


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