C++ Based OPC UA Client SDK/Toolkit

Member: Unified Automation GmbH

Product website: www.unified-automation.com/products/client-sdk/c-u...

The C++ based OPC UA SDK/Toolkit is a C++ library that supports you in writing portable C++ OPC UA Clients. The UA SDK actually consists of two SDKs, a Server SDK and a Client SDK. Both use the same UA Base Library which does all the C++ encapsulation of the raw ANSI C types that are defined in the OPC UA Communication Stack by the OPC Foundation.

Product Features

  • Client SDK for the development of full-featured OPC UA clients
  • Wraps the ANSI C stack API into a user friendly C++ API
  • Provides a wide range of helper classes
  • Supports Data Acess, Events, Methods, Alarms & Conditions, and Historical Access; see the product website for a full list of supported OPC UA profiles.

When purchasing the C++ based OPC UA Client SDK, one license for UaModeler is included. This specialized tool allows graphical address space design and generates code that can be directly used in the SDK.

Supported Platforms

The SDK is designed to be platform independent and available as source code or binary version. When ordering the SDK you can choose from one of our Tier 1 platforms (Windows, Linux). Adaptions for other platforms are available on request. See our website for more details.