Panorama Suite

Panorama Suite

Member: CODRA/Panorama

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Panorama Suite 2016 is a software suite for building applications in the areas of data acquisition, real-time monitoring (SCADA) and data archiving and reporting.


Panorama Suite 2016 products (COM, E², H²) meet every industry needs: Panorama Suite 2016 solutions integrate your Information System, your Production Monitoring, ...

Panorama Suite 2016 is the ideal platform for building modern applications, powerful and scalable to meet the challenges of the Industry and the City of the Future.

Panorama Suite 2016 is a global solution for collecting, processing and presenting information to enhance Enterprise performance: each product can be used independently, in combinations or all together.

  • 11/15/2016
  • 1611CS007E
  • UA 1.02 Standard Server, UA 1.02 DataAccess Server, UA 1.02 Client
  • 11/30/2019
  • Panorama Suite