Prosys OPC UA Historian

Prosys OPC UA Historian

Member: Prosys OPC Ltd

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Historian collects both value and event data from OPC UA servers and saves it into an SQL database.

This provides you with the data history as well as current values. Having the data from multiple servers available in one place simplifies your system architecture.

Collect a history buffer for data sources that don't have one themselves

Many data sources, such as PLCs, aren't able to create a history by themselves. OPC UA Historian solves this problem.

Create a single point of system access

OPC UA Historian enables you to create a single point of system access. This enables tighter firewall rules and better control of the network.

Feature overview

Easy to use user interface

  • Separate configuration and viewer applications
  • Browse nodes with the configurator and add them to the monitored items list
  • Browse data history of collected nodes with the viewer

Data collecting

  • Collect both value data and events
  • View events and data in real-time
  • Supports unlimited data sources

Supported platforms and databases

  • Windows 7 or later
  • Linux (Debian/RPM)
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MySQL, MariaDB