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Multiplatform OPC UA Software

Experts across the globe create secure IoT and Industry 4.0 systems with our products and services

Prosys is a leading provider of OPC and OPC UA software products and professional services with over 20 years of experience in the field. Our customers and partners include industrial, energy and high-tech companies.

We have been a member of the OPC Foundation since 2000 and have actively participated in the development of OPC UA products and services since 2006. 


Software Products

Prosys OPC UA Monitor is an effortless and fastest HMI tool to visualize your OPC UA data sources. In just a few minutes, you will design your own display for the most important measurement values, enabling real-time monitoring of production processes and equipment data.


Prosys OPC UA Simulation Server is a multiplatform stand-alone OPC UA server that lets you simulate your own data models. With the NEW Professional Edition, you can import any OPC UA information models into the server and take advantage of the domain-specific standardization work.


Prosys OPC UA Modbus Server enables connections to Modbus devices using OPC UA. The software supports cross-platform compatibility and can be deployed either on Windows or Linux, including headless devices like Raspberry Pi.


Prosys OPC UA Historian acts as a data logger with SQL database. Using the software, you can collect and store data from multiple OPC UA servers into one central location.


Prosys OPC UA SDK for Java is a tool to easily develop secure OPC UA clients and servers that execute almost on any device and any platform. Using the software, you can fastly implement globally accepted, standardized and reliable OPC UA communications. As of 2015, it is the only Java-based SDK that has been certified by the OPC Foundation for its client and server profiles. 


Prosys Sentrol OPC UA & Classic SDK for Delphi was one of the world's first products to receive OPC Foundation certification for OPC Classic compatibility. Sentrol SDK includes components for both OPC Client & Server development. 


In addition, we have many free products, including Prosys OPC UA Simulation Server, Prosys OPC UA Browser, Prosys OPC Client, Prosys OPC Simulation Server and Prosys OPC UA Client for Android.


Professional Services

Whether you are starting your first OPC or OPC UA project or are already experienced with the technology, our experts are at your disposal. We offer professional services for all life cycle phases, from quick start service and training to long-term development and support of OPC and OPC UA based communication and control systems.


Enabling the Industrial Internet

Our knowledge in OPC UA technology and experience in the field makes us a great partner for industrial corporations that want to take advantage of the industrial internet. For example, our Java-based OPC UA software products offer you multiplatform capabilities, making them the perfect building blocks of any networked system. Combined with our software development and consulting services, you can make fast progress in this rapidly developing market.


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