Prosys OPC UA Simulation Server

Prosys OPC UA Simulation Server

Member: Prosys OPC Ltd

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Prosys OPC UA Simulation Server is a stand-alone OPC UA server that let's you configure your own simulation environment. Use it for testing OPC UA client applications and learning the technology. The server is developed with Prosys OPC UA SDK for Java, so it is truly cross-platform and available for Windows, Linux and OS X.

OPC UA Simulation Server supports the following features:

  • Configure Endpoints
  • Monitor Sessions
  • Customize User Access To Server
  • View Open Client Sessions
  • Manage Certificates
  • View Client Connection History
  • Verify Address Space
  • Configurable Simulation Signals
  • Data Changes
  • Data History
  • Events
  • Event History

Standard UA Server

UA DataAccess Server

Standard UA Server





Prosys OPC UA Simulation Server