OPC Labs

Designated Representative: Zbynek Zahradnik
Category: Corporate Member

OPC Labs, an independent software vendor, develop advanced software based on OPC technology. We provide commercial off-the-shelf automation software. 

Our flagship product, QuickOPC, is a set of OPC client components and toolkits allowing rapid application development using wide range of programming tools and languages.


  • OPC Labs
  • Bolevecka naves 27
  • Plzen, CZ-323 00
  • Czech Republic


Company Products

.NET And COM Client Toolkit: QuickOPC...
StreamInsight Option for QuickOPCThe ...
Excel Option for QuickOPC  The ...
PicoOPC for .NET - Minimalistic OPC UA Client LibraryPicoOPC is a smallest imaginable OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) ...