Designated Representative: Arnaud Judes
Category: Corporate Member

For more than 25 years AREAL, as an independent company, has developed and improved the TOPKAPI SCADA software products range.AREAL mainly aims to provide user friendly software minimizing implementation and maintenance costs, and therefore directs its products towards easy parameters setting. Unlike side by side modules, all the Topkapi's functions are perfectly embedded in a single integrated package.AREAL is committed to provide outstanding support anywhere in the world. One of our foreign customers' testimony best depicts this commitment: "When using Topkapi, we get immediate and accurate reply to any enquiry within less than 24 hours. When we have problems a palliative solution is always found within less than 48 hours, and curative solutions are provided very shortly."


  • AREAL TopKapi
  • 16, Avenue Jean MOULIN
  • Savigny le Temple, F-77176
  • France


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TOPKAPI SCADA software TOPKAPI is a HMI / SCADA software. Servers run under Windows...