Sterfive SAS

Designated Representative: Etienne Rossignon
Category: Corporate Member


  • Sterfive SAS
  • 30 rue de la Saussaye
  • Saint-Pryvé-Saint-Mesmin, 45750
  • France
  • France
  • 30 rue de la Saussaye
  • Saint Privé Saint Mesmin, 45750
  • France


Company Products

Node-OPCUA ( OPCUA SDK in NodeJS )...
opcua-aggregatorSterfive develops a opcua aggregator tha...
node-opcua-pubsub SDK (professional edition)The extension of node-opcua that implements the OPCUA PubSub specif...
node-opcua-webproxyoperate node-opcua from within a HTML page in your browser, using t...
opcua-toolboxopcua-toolbox allow you to replicate any live opcua servers and cre...
node-opcua by exampleThe reference book to learn how to create server and client with no...
Consulting & expert advice on node-opcuabook a 1hour session with the author of node-opcua