General Assembly Meeting 2021 & Public Press Conference


The OPC Foundation General Assembly Meeting 2021 will announce the results of the Board of Directors’ election, reports on budget, technical and marketing overview and provide first technical and marketing insights for 2022.

Wed Dec 8th, 2021 – at 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM EST (4:00 PM – 5:00 PM CET)

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  1. OPC Foundation: News world / Result Election Board of Director / Financial report
    Stefan Hoppe, President & Executive Director, OPC Foundation
    Mike Bryant, Secretary, OPC Foundation
  2. OPC UA Technology & Certification
    Jim Luth, CTO, OPC Foundation
    Paul Hunkar, Director of Compliance, OPC Foundation
  3. OPC for Field
    Peter Lutz, Director Field Level Communications Initiative, OPC Foundation
    – FLC: Status of work
    – Demonstrator: C2C including 20 companies
    – Demonstrator: OPC UA Safety
  4. OPC UA for Cloud
    Erich Barnstedt, Chief Architect Standards & Consortia, Azure IoT, Microsoft
    John Dyck, CEO, CESMII
    Sven Goldstein, Product Manager TwinCAT, Beckhoff Automation
    – The challenge – the solution: “OPC UA over MQTT” – One solution scaling from field to cloud
    – Demonstrator: OPC UA over MQTT from controller (Beckhoff & Siemens) to cloud (Microsoft Azure)
    – UA for Cloud Library – Internet-hosted database containing OPC UA information models
    – Cloud Federation – Enabling data-driven services in industrial environments
  5. Collaborations
    Stefan Hoppe, President & Executive Director, OPC Foundation
    Andreas Faath, Managing Director, Machine Information Interoperability, VDMA
    – Overview collaboration & news
    – UA for Machinery – Update on the “Global Production Language”
  6. Summary & Preview 2022
    Stefan Hoppe, President & Executive Director, OPC Foundation